WheelBased Hats, Proceeds Going to Wyn’s Privateer Award

I had my wedding on Friday — finally. I married a pretty amazing woman and we’d like to celebrate by paying it forward to someone else. I’m incredibly fortunate.

As we’re getting older, we’re learning what truly makes us happy. It’s not new bike parts, a fresh mani/pedi, or when Liverpool wins the Champions League (dope, though). It’s giving back to others — it genuinely feeds your soul. For those that don’t know,  @wynmasters started a privateer award, which donates money to the top privateer for both downhill and EWS races. I don’t come from a family with money and I know, very well, how hard it is to race on a tight budget. I raced karts growing up and it was just me, my brother, my mom, and my dad; and my dad paid for almost everything. I understand the grind and sacrifice it takes just to make it to the starting grid, let alone actually finishing a race. I want to help someone that’s willing to put the work into making a name for themselves and Wyn has a great medium for just that.

So, I’m going to sell a limited number of these hats (100 total, I hope) and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Wyn’s privateer award. I’m not keeping a dime. So, if you’ve been looking at donating to him, now you can get a cool hat in return. None of the hats are ordered yet, so this is technically a preorder. It’ll take a few weeks to get to you, but I’ll go as fast as possible. $35 will pay for the custom hat, shipping inside the lower 48 states, and whatever is left goes to Wyn. I can only ship inside the US, for now. Very sorry about that. You can go to my website or my IG shop to order one.

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I want to make it clear that Wyn has absolutely nothing to do with this. Never talked to the bloke.

Photo credit to @tommychristiephotography. Follow him if you’re a fan of great photography. Big thanks to my very good-looking friend @jameshitch25 and my amazing momma for modeling.

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