Commuter Pro RT Bicycle Light by Trek

Here’s an FCC document pertaining to a new wireless light from Trek, called the Commuter Pro RT. It ain’t Earth shattering, but it’s new.

FCC Page

While the FCC document says it’s operating range is in the Bluetooth frequency, I don’t see the Bluetooth symbol on the actual light, just the ANT+ symbol, so I’m not sure what it’ll end up being.

If it’s anything like the Ion, this will be to connect to a Garmin-like-device so you can check battery status and control it from your phone, among other things. We can see on the side of the light that it’ll be 1000 lumens, as well.

The internal photos and operational description don’t appear to be available now, but we’ve got external pictures. I’m also interested as to why this says ‘Trek’ rather than ‘Bontrager’. I’ll keep an eye on this and update.

That’s all I’ve got. Click on the link at the top if you want to dive deeper into this.

Shimano also released some FCC documents for wireless stuff, but the images won’t be released for a few months. We’ll write about that at another date. If it’s anything like the other Shimano FCC documents, they won’t show too much in the images, just the wireless device part (not the whole thing).

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