If you’re a manufacturer/inventor, and you want to showcase a new or existing product (patent or not) in a unique way, please send me a message. The public appreciates honest technical writing about the underlying technology of your ideas. You’ve got engineers and designers spending hundreds of hours developing cool new ideas — lets get these ideas to the public in a fun and interesting way!

If you have an existing patent document and want to use it as a promotional tool, please contact me. You can see an example with this CushCore article.

I can also do unique product reviews, mixed with a patent document. This is a new style of article that will showcase your product from a legal, technical, and use-case perspective. You can see an example with this Tsuga Article.

Lastly, no, I will not publish your press release without explicit data, designs, novelty, etc. that support whatever you’re claiming as beneficial. That cheapens the trust I am building with the public. This website provides something different and real, and publishing a pre-written, cookie-cutter press release is not the way it works.

For those that do have this information to back up your claims, this is where the value of our work will become apparent. You won’t be mixed up with cheap articles.