Daniel Bacon is a former race car engineer in NASCAR’s Cup series performing aerodynamic research and development; doing wind tunnel testing, track testing, surfacing, design, and manufacturing. He is a former professional Patent Engineer and Technical Writer for Fenix.AI, an artificial intelligence tech start-up specializing in patent automation. He is skilled in patent analysis with a personal interest in the biking industry and provides updates on the most recent developments in technology pertaining to the biking industry via investigation of intellectual property filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Daniel now supports R&D efforts in the housing industry, working to create a sustainable and affordable housing solution for the Pacific Northwest market with new materials and manufacturing processes. He also leads IP efforts, identifying novel concepts and developing IP disclosures, bridging the gap between architects, engineers, and counsel.

He raced go-karts prior to getting into bikes, filling the void of racing with outdoor recreation. Picking up riding around 2014 after moving from flat land middle-of-nowhere GA to NC, he spent time in Pisgah and Dupont Forest riding with his hot wife. He currently resides in Colorado with easy access to amazing riding spots.

It’s weird writing this in 3rd person.

What People Say

Ya, this is okay

My dad

Is this legal?

My wife

“Just don’t let this affect your actual work”

My boss

It’s detail and experience like this that brings me back to @wheel_based time and time again.


I enjoy your work mate, makes the morning dump just that little bit better.


This is why you’re one of my favorite accounts ever. Well done.