Your IP

I, Dan Bacon, act as the technical subject matter expert between you as the inventor and counsel as the legal expert. Often times, concepts can be lost in translation between inventors and counsel because the inventors don’t know what information counsel needs and counsel doesn’t know every aspect of your idea.

It can be unreasonable to expect all attorneys to know all things about all technology, so it’s extremely important for you to be able to dictate a concept (what, why, how) in detail. While there are many computer science, biotech, and semiconductor experts in the IP world, there are very few bike experts. We all have a niche, and this is my niche. I, along with my attorneys, will understand every aspect of your concept and treat it with the utmost care. I care about bikes, I care about this industry, and I care about protecting your idea.

We also use our own in-house software to automate a large portion of the application process, which saves you money and time, and dramatically reduces error. See what we do here.