Competitive Intelligence

A patent document is one of the most important pieces of paperwork in any business. At times, they’re the backbone of an entire business structure, allowing a company to produce their idea for a certain amount of time without any interference. These documents are absolutely filled with incredibly useful information, such as engineering concepts and legal language, that can be used to help your business. We’re able to see where a company is putting time and money by what they’re filing, which can be used by executives trying to see into the future of their own business.

Your IP

I act as the technical subject matter expert between you as the inventor and counsel as the legal expert. Often times, concepts can be lost in translation between inventors and counsel because the inventors don’t know what information counsel needs and counsel doesn’t know every aspect of your idea. I, along with my attorneys, treat your idea with the utmost care.


If you’re a manufacturer/inventor, and you want to showcase a new or existing product (patent or not) in a unique way, please send me a message. The public generally appreciates honest technical writing about the underlying technology of your ideas. You’ve got engineers and designers spending hundreds of hours developing cool new ideas — lets get these ideas to the public in a fun and interesting way!


If you’re a publisher in the bike, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, AI, or nearly any other industry and are looking to include some new technology to your website, please shoot me an email. I’d love to help educate your viewers and I’d be happy to provide you with articles to bring some traffic to your site.