Bicycle Container by Gauss

In this article, we’ll be discussing a Bicycle Container by Gauss, US patent 10,173,740. The publication date is Jan 8th, 2019 and the filing date is Feb 3rd, 2017.

Short patent = short article. This one is older, but a cool little idea. I can’t seem to find that they’ve made this thing, but (like always) I could be wrong.

Brief Summary

Gauss is introducing a water bottle that also serves as a kickstand for your bike. The actual bottle can attach to your pedal, whether that be a flat pedal, clips, etc. and keeps your bike standing upright while you chill.


Gauss states a rider doesn’t need to carry a secondary kickstand anymore, though I’m not sure who does. My grips look like shit because they’re always on the ground.  

…portable containers used as bicycle accessories, such as a bicycle kettle or a tool bottle, may also function as a bicycle stand simply by modifying partial container structure to form an engagement member that enables a bicycle container to be detachably coupled to a pedal. Therefore, a separate bicycle stand carried by a bicycle rider is no longer needed.

…the bicycle container also functioning as a bicycle stand would not occupied additional space and increase additional weight and needs not to be locked on the bicycle.

This system is probably geared more toward city riders or commuters more than anyone else. I’m not sure this would be too necessary in the mountain bike world, unless you really don’t want your bike touching the ground.


This one is super simple. Figure 2 shows the general idea with a flat pedal. The bottle itself contains a hook 18a that the outside of the pedal will connect with. Figure 3 shows the bottle in action.

Figure 4 shows the same system for a variation of a clip pedal. It kind of looks like a LOOK pedal.

Figure 5A, B, and C show other variations for different pedals. Figure 6 is a close-up view of fig 5A.  

I like this idea. I’m not likely to ever buy it, but someone will. People love products like this. The only issue I can see is actually washing the bottle itself, and getting behind the extrusion inside the bottle.

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