Brushware by Peaty’s Products

We all know Steve Peat, right? You better. Steve is one of the few people in mountain biking with a Wikipedia page. That should tell you all you need to know about how big this dude is. He’s won a shit load of races, is consistently involved in downhill racing every year, is involved in multiple businesses related to bikes, is involved in the developing the youth movement, a regular on the Syndicate show on YT, and somehow has time to do an interview on every broadcast. Maybe there are two Peatys?

Anyway, Peaty’s Products is a company that focuses on the little stuff that every single one of us uses. They’re making sealant, degreaser, rim tape, and the oh-so-pretty valves. Like I’ve said a million times, biking is all about appearance, not about actually riding.

So, it looks like Peaty’s will be expanding their product line by offering some nifty brushes at some point. All-in-all, there are four different documents with detailed pictures of their new stuff. These are all from the UK, not the US. Additionally, I have zero background information, since they’re design documents.

The first is 6149047.  I’m going to guess this is probably a general-purpose brush.

Next is 6149048. I genuinely cannot think of what this would be for. The little kink is clearly purposeful, but still not sure. Maybe to clean hubs?

Next is 6149049. This one looks really small and reminds me of a pipe cleaner. I’d probably use this around my equipment on my bars.

Last one is 6149050. Short bristles = stiff bristles. It’s got the handle and two levels of bristle, so I’d probably use this on rims and tires.

I’d also like to point out that I’m in Colorado where it doesn’t rain, so bike cleaning isn’t as necessary as the swamps of the UK. I could be wrong about all of these.

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