Crank Designs by SRAM

I posted this to my Instagram, but I figured I’d give it a home here in the repository.

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Looks like SRAM have gone hard on some new crank designs recently. Seems like there are some weight-saving ideas going on here. I’ll assume these are alloy. I’d be impressed if these actually come out carbon because they’re intricate.

Since these are designs, I have zero literature to share with you. That being said, let’s speculate wildly on the manufacturing, intent, application, or whatever else we think is going on here. This is the internet; we can say whatever we want!

I’m going to crack a little egg of knowledge on you here, though. All of the solid lines are the claimed novelty, and the dashed lines are not.

I didn’t realize this until after I had posted this to Instagram, but this has been seen in the wild and is posted on Vital’s rumor forum thread. Here’s what we’re seeing:

There’s also the flat chain and the coaxial derailleur, but that’s not news anymore. I’d also like to point out that this bike is showing the bash guard I wrote about a few weeks ago here.

I could bash some nerds right now.

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